Not sure about subsciption service

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but i’m not 100% sure how UE4 license does work…
I’ve been learning Unity3D some months, but i rally hate have to learn C# or JavaScript, i’m a c++ amateur programmer.
UE4 looks amazing, c++, powerful, supported platforms, tools, etc. But i’d have to learn some months before start thinking about create something like an android project.
Do i need to pay the subscription while i am learning to use UE4? There is any “free” version? so i could learn to use UE4 efficently before pay for a real use of it.
I know the subscription is not expensive, is really cheap, but i’m currently unemployed, and each euro counts…
(Sorry ofr my english)

There is no free version, but you could just pay those 20$ once and after that you can cancle your subscription -> after that you can still use the engine, but you wont get any updates anymore.

Thanks, sounds good.
That will be my option so i’ll have time to learn.

For learning:

https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/ (here you can find everything)
https://wiki.unrealengine/Main_Page (good written tutorials)
:// (good video tutorials)

and when you are stuck with something, you can always ask us here in the forum :slight_smile:

Unsubscribing will also excluded you from access to the Marketplace and depending on how it shapes up might be worth the subscription if Epic also includes top shelf free assets equal to or greater that the subscription fee for free each month.

Something to keep your eye on.

Just make sure to download as much as possible during the first month, and you should be set for a long time learning wise.

You can redownload stuff even if you don’t have active subscription