[Not solved] Dosent Epic do refunds anymore?

I tried to contact them about a refund request, but I dont hear anything. They used to be quick about this.

I don’t follow. Refunds regarding what? Marketplace?

Yes, refund of Marketplace assets.

Hey Frequia!

There is still a refund policy in place for the marketplace. Have you received an automated receipt of your email to Epic? Shortly ago we were told there was an issue where they weren’t receiving everything sent to I do believe it’s been sorted out as I sent an email to them the other day and it was given a receipt and answered shortly thereafter. Try sending another message their way and it should go through this time. Good luck. =)

Hello, oh that might be the reason. No, I didnt got a no-reply mail. Ill try once more.

Ive just sendt a mail, Im hope Im not too late before they went out of office. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I still havent heard anything from the Epic support team.

Make sure you’re sending an email to - you should get an email notifying you that they got your email.

Check your spam folder, if this email is not showing up.

Yeah, I got a no-reply mail after I sendt it.

Still nothing from Epic. Sorry, but this starts to get abit unprofessional.