Not so Newbish Blueprint Question

I need a blueprint that does a series of things in a specific sequence. I have a ramp leading to an opening in a structure that has two doors. These doors slide apart to open and together to close. I know how to set a trigger to move one door, but what I need to know is how to set two doors to move simultaneously to close. Further, I want to retract the ramp prior to the doors closing. By retract I mean to rise until its level and then slide into the building.

All I have at this point is a trigger and one door that will open and close.

Can anyone either explain how I can accomplish what I need or link me to a tutorial where I can figure it out for myself. (I searched but I think I’m not asking for the right information)

Thanks in advance

You will want to use a time line. On the play execute wire set the relative location of each door. Would go into detail but not enough time. Look up time line tutorials, they are handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Now I know what to search for.

Are you making a custom BP on the door itself or the matinee to animate the doors?