Not seeing graph flow during blueprint debugging

I’ve watched the video tutorials, and it seems like you’re supposed to see animations of flow control traveling along the wires when the relevant action happens in a blueprint. I know my blueprint is working, and I can even set breakpoints and it will hit. But I don’t see the animation of flow control happening which makes it harder to debug when something goes wrong. Is there something I’m supposed to enable to see this?

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in the top of the blueprint window you can choose which instance of your Blueprint to debug. So when you start the game, tab to your blueprint, and choose which instance to debug.

Hit Play…
If the viewport already has your mouse hit Shift F1 to get it back and change the Debug Filter in the bar above your Blueprint to the blueprint your debugging…click back on your Game Viewport and play…you’ll see it execute in the Blueprint viewport as you play…

let me know if you’ve any questions…

Thanks guys, I didn’t realize I had to examine the instance of the BP, I was looking at the base object since I only had 1 instance of it in the game. Seems to be working great now.

Hi, im using 4.6.1 and following “Introduction to Paper2D: Character Blueprint 4” tutorial. I realized that the flow visualization dont work when a node is collapsed.
Is it a bug?


This is one of the first results from a quick google search for ‘ue4 blueprint debug point’, so I’d consider this necro allowable.
I would also like to know why the flow visualization doesn’t show up when there’s a collapsed graph.