\Not seeing flow (debug trace) entirely anymore

Hi, i recently observed that the Flow isn’t passing through all execution pins after enabling the debug. Is this a bug or a feature?
In both cases, they are in collapsed Graphs, plugged into the tick event.

This is what it should look like…

At least a moderator will have a look at it, i hope (20+ hours)

I’m not seeing any issue with you graph flow. For the first image do you mean where there are no highlights before the “SET PITCH LIMITS” function?

Because all I am seeing in the first one is that the flow appears to have already passed through "SET PITCH LIMITS: and that all the branches have resulted in “False”.

As they are both false there should be no flow going out of the true section.

The only part that could be an actual issue is where you aren’t seeing the flow lines before “SET PITCH LIMITS” and before the “Gate” node.

Is this the issue you were thinking?

Yes that is what i am referring to.

It surely is an issue!

Hello Xanadron,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve put together a small reproduction of this issue and reproduced it. I’ve also placed a bug report in for this which you can find here: UE-44298. You can also track the bug’s progress here. Please note that this may not be a high priority so it may not be fixed soon.

Have a nice day!


‘‘Glad’’ to see this was actually an issue.

I would still ask, how is this not a high priority issue? I have been struggling guessing where the flow might be for 2 weeks, until i finally decided to post/ask about this.
I would be deeply grateful if you would reconsider the priority of this specific problem.

Many regards.

A high priority issue would be something that blocks development or heavily impacts development in a certain part of the editor. As this is just a visual issue which can be easily ignored, and hasn’t even been reported for at least 3 versions since this goes back to 4.13 and possibly further, it would not be a high priority.

I apologize, i didn’t know debugging nowadays is not mandatory. In my case i have more than 15 branches in that graph, so yeah no seeing where ‘‘i am’’ can be easily ignored. I hope it will get fixed before i finish my work!

Many regards.

P.S This should normally be marked as resolved when the bug is fixed, not because we are aware of it!

I understand. Does voting affect the target fix version?

That’s not how our tracking system works. The answerhub issue is resolved when there is no further comment/investigation to be made. Please refer to the bug report linked above if you’d like to see if it has been fixed.

Not directly, but it does show the community’s interest and can sometimes be taken into account.