Not requiring users to need Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 Runtime?

I think it’s kind of annoying having other people have to install vs c++ 2013 runtime just to play your game. I’m pretty new to C++ my first langauge was C# and I know .Net was required but I worked mostly in Unity. How hard or easy would it be for Epic to make unreal work 100% without the user having to download any other runtimes? I’m not really that great at C++ but I would think it would require basically replacing all the areas where the runtime is used with built-in unreal engine library/functions, which could take a while. But am I correct or could it be easier.

Also why is this not on the roadmap at the moment? I would think a lot of developers would not want to force people to download/install Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 Runtime?

Also could I just package my projects with that runtimes DLLs in the project directory? If so which dlls?

I dont think its ever possible since the Runtime is required to run softwares developed in that version. Since UE4 uses VS2013 you need C++ 2013 Runtime libraries for it to work.

The ue4 game installer should install the runtime on it’s own. You can ofcourse put it in your custom installer too, it’s allowed to redistribue the redistributable. It’s needed to run any c++ application made with vs.