Not Playing Animation in Child of Vehicle Anim Instance

Hello there,

is there no way to play a animation inside of a animation blueprint when my Parent is a VehicleAnimInstance?
Just created a new one and pinned a sample animation into the finalanimationpose - and nothing.

If I reparent to regular animInstance all works fine. So how can I trigger Animations inside of a VehicleAnimBP? (Like wippers doing their work).
If I call the animation from my actorBP it’s working - but i’d like this logic where it belongs to be → the animBP, and calling the animation directly from my actorBP is messing up the usage of the animation Blueprint


Not possible or no one has an idea? :slight_smile:

Problem happens to me in 4.14 and 4.15…anyone?

I solved it.

You should go to Anim_Blueprint and in Class Setting
in parent class
use VehicleAnimationInstance instead of VehicleAnimInstance

and change your Animgraph same this

Instead of Picture 1 , You should work same as picture 2