Not pitching the camera

Am having two problems, although I think they’re two things who may be somewhat alike.

Another problem is: I am really missing something I can’t crasp, but what?

Goal: Rotate around the sphere, don’t care for gimbal lock (for now at least) and zooming in or out. Movement is not needed.

For the Pawn of the camera; Descended from ACharacter -> AUserViewer -> BPUserViewer (None have code except default).

Is working: Zooming in/out, yawing the camera, setting the CameraMovement at the bottom two input actions.

Problem: The camera isn’t pitching although a [print string] shows there is a non-zero axis value.
Did try the roll for a sec, but as expected…nothing either.

The two functions CalculateZoomDistance and SetCameraPosition aren’t included - they mingle the zoom. Will edit if needed.

Input settings:


As I said, two. The first is stated above. The other problem is at runtime. While yawing and zoom work it can happen that instead the actor yaws, the camera itself yaws just a bit. It seems to be when the left and right mouse are almost pressed at the same time.

Can’t understand why that happens since the entire project is shown above. It does make me think about a DebugCameraController action but that ain’t set at the game mode.

The GameMode is set at the project settings, as is the BPUserViewer. At the world settings tab gamemode is set to None.

What am I doing wrong?