Not launching maybe insufficient memory html5 packaging

is there any way to increase the memory, im packaging and doesn´t start (when before yes) i think the browser doesnt have enough memory… or what can i do??? decrease resolution??? does this problem show only in local testing or if i upload to a website will be the same…

I don´t know if has to be with heap size but on ue4 4.21 i can´t find anything about it also in the html file


Just wanted to jump in because I´m having the same problem. Got a couple of projects in html5 that run perfectly fine in Firefox and Chrome. My latest one (which is about 50% smaller in size in comparison) gets the “not enough memory to display this website” message in Chrome and Firefox just stopps at loading the engine part.

I already made changes in the HTML5Engine.ini file located here: …/Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Config\HTML5
I added the infamous


but that did nothing for me. I anyone has an idea or fix it´d be much appreciated.