Not had revision (Yellow exclamation mark)

We have set up the P4Server on our central box - created separate accounts for each user and mapped them to our rocket project directories. It appears that we can check out and check in just fine, but the changes do not appear to propagate to any other client computers. They are able to see that the file has changed, but are only given the yellow exclamation mark in their content browser.

When right clicking and going to “Diff against Depot” or “History” we are able to see that the file has been updated on the depot, but for some reason, it won’t update on our clients. Any ideas?


This is after you perform a Get latest Revision on the clients?


My question is the same as Michael’s: nowhere in your post do you mention the action taken by the client to sync the files. Please confirm exactly where in the process the clients are failing to update.


I would like to know the same thing. If assets are checked in by one user in UE4, how do we make sure that other users connected to the same P4 repository will get those updates synced automatically in the engine?

Is this even possible within UE4 or do they need to sync manually when the content browser indicates that something was updated?

Hi Arthmoor,

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