Not getting the same character graphics when imported from 3ds max to Unreal engine 4


Below picture shows my character in 3ds max

And the below pic shows the same character as imported in Unreal engine 4 (ignore the difference in hair. Hairmesh is imported seperately).

As you can see , the quality is far far better in 3ds max. Am I doing anything wrong? What changes do I need to make to make it look exactly like it looks in 3ds max?

Hi Sameek4,

I’m linking in your forum post here along with some of the answers others have given you:

Havoc suggested:

This mostly has to do with your
material setup, and the fact that
you’ve got some hard lighting going on
in Persona. Aside from that, I don’t
really see much of a difference, hair

Drop the character into your level
with a skylight + cubemap, and the
material (if its using PBR standards)
should pick up on some of the

If it’s not the material you are seeing what specific issues are you seeing that you need help with? This will greatly help in offering you better tips to look into for your character.

Thank you!