Not getting expected results with instanced meshes

Hi, I have a large scene that I have constructed with mesh instances in 3dsmax. It’s comprised of the following;

  • I have one bay that is made up of about 6 meshes, that are then arrayed as instances 55 times.
  • I have 3 other bays that are each made up of about 11 meshes each, arrayed as instances 10 times.

“Game Import” has correctly imported and positioned the instances, for a total of 38 unique meshes. I also imported the exact same FBX file via the normal import into another level, which created the expected amount of non-instanced meshes (600+). No problems in this regard. The statistics window has the same totals (meshes and total tri’s), confirming everything worked.

So at this point, I would expect the performance of the level using instances to be better. However, I get about 50fps in the instanced level, and 60fps in the non-instanced level. I have also attached the ‘stat scenerendering’ output for each of the 2 levels at the same view point, which does show the particular ‘timings’ that are affecting the fps. Can anyone explain why the performance is the way it is?

PS: Each level uses the same materials as per the fbx, which are just a simple color (no textures or anything).