Not freeing memory while allining images.

Hey, is it normal, that CR isn’t freeing its memory while the process is paused. 
Not only that it keeps writing to my m2 while pause. 


Yes that is normal, RC keeps the image features in memory while paused. You seem to have issues with your RAM 32 GB ? That is to little for 9500 images. Do you have geotags for your droneimages? You might want to turn down the max. faetures detected per image , or split your set (making a spatial split using the GPScoordinates of your images using GIS) and merge components later (merge using overlap) there is a RC-workflow description for that.


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Ich kann dir auch helfen wenn du nicht weiterkommst, ich mache ziemlich genau das selbe wie du, schreib mir eine email und wir können einen Skype-Termin machen.

Hey, thanks I was already thinking about splitting them. But my problem is, that most of my Photos are from videos. So they don’t have any GPS data.
I could make a python script that phrases my GPS logs. But the GPS locations are Async to my Pictures. So that’s also not a point for me. I’m only using some Photos with GPS data to reference some points.
I’m thinking about upgrading my machine (i9 9900k, 32GB Ram, 2x 1080Ti) to 64GB ram and maybe a 2. m2 SSD in raid 0. 
Then ill go to split my model into 2 parts and try it again. But I need to do that manually. 

I have not read the RC-workflow that includes my situation yet. But I will do it when I come home from work. 
Thanks for your great answer.

Ps: Ja können gerne über unsere Lösungsansätze schreiben. Ich versuche es heute noch mal mit dem gesplitteten Modell. 
Wenn ich eine gute Lösung gefunden habe werde ich mich melden. Wenn es weiter so geht werde ich denke aber eher Hilfe brauchen xD 
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