Not found webcam url vidcap

[HELP] Webcam url not found when i use Logitech Brio 4K new version firmware…
But it’s work when i use old Logitech Brio with the old version firmware.

I am dealing with this exact same issue! any updates??

Same problem here. Logitech Brio cameras stopped working.
You can select track 0 in the playback options manually which gives you all the video formats to chose from but they are all black.

I have exactly the same problem (the same error message, but no actual information in the output window) with a Logitech Brio

I also have the Logitech Brio camea and the same thing happens to me, did you manage to find a solution?

Unfortunately no, but I didn’t try too much.

Has anybody managed to fix this issue since? Struggling to get the Logitech Brio to work in UE4

No improvements in UE5 :frowning: