Not Found error SocketSubsystemBSDPrivate.h (IPv4/IPv6 on multiplatforms)

I’m trying to use FSocket IPv4/IPv6 on multiplatforms with UE4 4.15.1 engine source on launcher, not git hub. Added “Sockets” and “Networking” in PublicDependencyModuleNames and PrivateDependencyModuleNames in build.cs.

And added PrivateIncludePaths in build.cs.

I’m including socket headers in my codes. I need to call GetNativeSocket fuction to call setsockopt. But it isn’t exposed FSocket.

It’s fine on windows. But I had an build error.

When I changed including paths, it could build it. Of course, I could build it with git hub. Is there any way to build it without modifying engine codes?


If you need something that isn’t exposed (i.e, it’s not marked with ENGINE_API or the class has the MinimalAPI tag) - then you have no choice but to use a source-code build of the engine.

However, most of the time things aren’t exposed because you’re not meant to use them.

You’re right. Socket module is exposed with SOCKETS_API. It was my fault. I could build after changing ralative private pathes. In spite of wrong pathes in PrivateIncludePaths, UE4 buildtool doesn’t return any errors.