Not finding any way to access my NavMeshBoundsVolume from within BP

Been searching on this and seeing several posts that show a NavMeshBoundsVolume node, but I cannot for the life of me access one.

I have two things I need to do: I want to resize and relocate it based off of the size of my generated level. (Up until this point I’ve just been having one huge volume that covered an area larger than the largest size level my code would generate.) I also want to update it at a regular interval. If I have too many bots getting hung up together in the same place in the level, one of them always ends up being stuck there and never moves again. I can see that they all have an empty space on the mesh under them, and I think when this one gets stuck, that empty spot on the mesh is preventing it from moving again. I’m hoping that by refreshing the mesh I can get the bot moving again.