Not enough ram?!?!?

hello all. i recently started a new project. i imported a heightmap from world machine it is 8192x8192. i put 6 materials on it and putting this together took a while as unreal kept crashing and being incredibly slow. now i cant even look around the landscape as it is too slow. my grpahics card is the nvidia geforce 660m and i have 12 gb of ram. ive run a stress test on my ram and gpu and they came up fine. i looked at live ram usage while it was open and it said i was only using 4gb on unreal. why is it so slow? do i not have enough ram? or do i have a setting wrong?

660m is a 5 year old laptop card that was mid-tier when it was released. The performance of laptop GPUs is usually around 50-60% of the desktop counterparts. In this very case I’d blame two things, the video card for the low fps and, most importantly, the hard drive which is very likely bottlenecking pretty much everything you’re doing. The 5400rpm units are notoriously slow. Solid state drive is almost a must if you’re looking for a comfortable working environment.

12GB or Ram is good enough unless you’re working with large textures and landscapes…

Could you confirm that you’re running a 64 bit version of Windows? Win+Break keys bring up system info.

The bottom line is, the editor is that power hungry.

it is a 64 bit system. i know my laptop is pretty old. i cant actually remember if it is a solid state harddrive. its an alienware m17x. so basically i need a new laptop? i dont think i can upgrade my video card and harddrive

Hard drive might be upgradable, video card almost certainly is not. One way to figure out whether it is the hard drive causing the slowdowns is to observe the usage in the Task Manager’s drive performance monitor. I’m pretty sure it’s going to hover around 100% most of the time during work.

its around 80 percent. its weird i just launched it and its working perfectly. only difference is i only have my laptop screen. i usually have 2 other screen connected aswell.

is it maybe that my graphics cards cant handle 3 monitors and unreal?

It should not have a massive impact. Can you actually reproduce this behaviour by plugging the monitors back in?