Not-editable variables show up in Defaults - Bug?

Hello all!

My problem is that for some reason it doesn’t make any difference whether the “Editable” option of a variable is checked or not, it will always show up in the Defaults tab of the Blueprint.
And according to the documentation this is not what should actually happen:
“Editable: Set whether or not it is possible to edit the value of the variable in the Blueprint Defaults and the Blueprint’s Details tab.”

So is this a bug or am doing something wrong?


Hello? Guys? Is there no one who knows something about this?

Hey Fluppi393 -

This is expected behavior. Variables created in an blueprint can have their default values set in the Defaults Tab, but if they are not editable then they cannot be set per instance of the blueprint and will not show up in the Details Panel of the blueprint in the level.

Hope that clears that up -

Eric Ketchum

I would expect, though, that when not checked editable would not expose the Set to other blueprints? However this does not seem to be the case, the variable appears to always have its Set exposed.

Hi JoshyMW -

Editable does not mean Private which is a different setting on each variable. Setting them Private will keep them from other Blueprints. So a variable can be Editable (showing up in the Details Panel) and Private (available only to the original blueprint)

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric -

Thanks, I may have drifted from the topic of this question a bit.

I was asking more about the Set being exposed to other blueprints (the variable would still be semi-public) as this document makes it sound “Whether the variable is publically editable on instances of the Blueprint.”

But I realise that later there is a similar table that gives the definition you have given. Though it would be very useful to be able to set whether a variable has its Setter or Getter exposed and have the ability to bind to an event on Set for validation purposes.