Not Allow Flight?

Hey guys, I would like to set the Argentavis so it can’t fly when it spawns. I tried using the “CanFly” option and the “Set Flight” function but they didn’t change anything.


Be careful whit this… I have done some tampering with the flight of the pteranadon, and it actually caused client-side crashes. I had gone a slightly different route by limiting it’s flight distance and time in the AI files, but this can end up having detrimental effects. so be careful.

Oh no. What you described is the solution I went with. I subclassed the AI Controller and made it only for the custom dino. Would this cause the same problems?

No, that in itself would not cause problems. But I had limited their AI flight height and amount of time they would be in the air (started with 0) and how often they would look to fly. The problem was that when using the spacebar to land, that is an AI function, and since I had taking away their ability to fly (as far as “wanting” to fly) it would cause a crash.