Not able to work with the engine -> lowend Hardware

Hi. I have a G3258 at Stock Clock paired with a Gtx 650 Ti 1Gb GDDR5 and 8gb 1600Mhz DDR3 Ram.

I can barely open the engine itself and working with it is almost impossible. If i run the Fps Template (where you can run around with that blue gun that shoots balls), i get around 10 Fps. Also the program crashes very often without any failure message.

And that although i’ve set the engine settings to low.

What is the problem? Do i need more VRAM? Or more normal RAM?

i could afford a little more Ram but i dont have the money for much better hardware like a better video card.

It’s your Hardware.
I have a Xeon E3-1230v3, 24GB DDR3 and a 270X 2GB and no problems at all.

I would say try adding another 8 gigs of RAM. You will need atleast 16GB if you want to do more than testing the templates.(I mean make actual levels with thousands of asstes.)

And your CPU is pretty crappy for game developing. Dualcore with only 2 threads? Not fun.
That’s a Haswell right? Try to replace it with atleast a used i5 or better a Xeon like mine(4 Cores 8 Threads!).

The 650Ti is ok. 1GB VRAM is not much these days but it’s ok.

You need at least a quad core to run unreal engine bruh, your current cpu is a dual core.

i know, but i cant afford better stuff, even used :confused:

and i wonder why the engine doesnt run that properly,
while the hardware runs games that are made with UE very well.

i can play almost everything on low settings with way more than 60 Fps in 1080p

Have you tried changing the engine scalabality from the menu?

probably because they are UE3 games there isn’t many released UE4 ‘AAA’ games :slight_smile:

also the editor is far more intensive than a compiled build of a game.

Like the above advice, better CPU and you should be ok :slight_smile:

I have the same GPU (Asus 650ti 1gb version) on my old pc but with i5-3570k and it runs very well, like really well.ON epic I can run small project on 112fps + so propably just change your cpu.

Yeah i think the issue is the cpu, i have i7 2600k and hd 6870 1gb and UE4 runs very well despite my old and not so great graphics card :slight_smile:

please define “runs very well” `

can you put the graphic settings to epic and still have big fps at high quality environments?

Well, it runs every projects i have opened so far well enough ( around 60 fps) on Epic settings, except the very big one like : Elemental, Kite and Infiltrator. But it is to be expected.

hm okay so would the 3xxx series (ivy bridge) do better? Im planning to buy used and haswell is already too expensive even used. I would like to buy a complete used pc for around 150€ i see plenty of them on ebay with ivy bridge i5 and i7

or just buy a used i7 for my haswell board and leave the 650ti? Im scared to buy wrong and have enough cpu performance but a lack of gpu performance

Yeah i would buy an i5 (i don’t think the generation matters too much, get the lowest price you can get), 650ti seems similar to my graphic card so you should be ok kepping it.

okay so then i would search for a used haswell i5 or i7
but if i want to test my game in the best quality possible, i would get low fps or not?



If you want a more affordable solution, look into AMD fX chipsets. I have a full AMD system and don’t have any problems running UE.

Maybe your hardware problem, CPU, RAM or GPU

My lowend PC i5-4570, 8GB DDR3-1600, HD4600 graphic and a normal hard drive can run all templates and a few marketplace content without issue. I can even build the engine from GitHub, launch some mobile project to my phone. Only a few times crash over 1 year.