Not able to open console in standalone Game

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for some reason (as posted in Forum already) I cannot open the console in standalone game mode… which makes performance profiling annoying… I already created shortcuts that trigger certain console commands but I would like to be able to access everything… I am just moments away from starting to fake a console by creating a string input connected to an execute console command node in Blueprint… I would very much like to not have to do this…

A) No, Tilde key does not work. I am working on a german keyboard so the keys are different.

B) The shortcut I assigned in the editor does not work in the Game… why?

C) Do I need to tick some box to enable the console in the standalone game?

I am not talking about packaged game but want to follow Zac Parrishs profiling tipps he showed in one of the twitch live streams… but I cannot acces the console… And I am starting to feel the Hulk growing inside me because I am having this issue for a week now… And it’s - I believe understandably - annoying…

Thanks for your help!


The shortcut that you’ve set in Editor Preferences only handles opening up the console while you are working in the editor. Once you begin playing, that hotkey will not work. What you’ll need to do is go into Edit->Project Settings->Input and look under the Console tab. You’ll see there that you can add additional keys that will open up the console.

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Oh. My. God. THANK YOU! Exactly that is what I was looking for and it’s so obvious once you know it! Thank you so very much! I hope you have a pleasant day and may your children have a rich father and a beautiful mother!

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I agree very much with @, thank you very much @Sean Flint! I was going mad!

Thank you very much @Sean_flint! Saved my day!