Not able to launch game on android

I am not able to launch my game on my android device (Infocus m810,Android 5.1) . I have tried launching the third person game , that also didn’t ran.

I checked into the logs and found that it gets stuck at pushing png image files.

My Temporary Solution to it ;-

So what I did was while launching the game when engine prepares the native code I navigated to saved folders inside project and deleted all the png files inside of slates folder and guess what this time game launched in the device.

But I cannot rely on this method everytime. I am able to debug android apps on same device from Eclipse and Android Studio as I am an Android app Developer.

Hi UE4 team ,

I am still stuck on same issue in 4.11 release or I can say its more worse in 4.11.

Now I have manually copy the cooked contents to sdcard for every time I need to test my game.

I am launching my game on Infocus m810 . I am able to debug apk from eclipse and android studio as well but only Unreal Engine 4 in not able to do.

Please help because I have almost completed my game and it needs to be tested from all aspects.

Hi ,

Due to the large volume of questions and comments concerning the Engine, we did not have a chance to respond to your post at the time you submitted it and, thus, the issue is now outdated. If you are still experiencing this issue in the current release of the Engine, please make a new post for assistance.