Not able change particle parameters using blue prints

I could able to control material instance parameters dynamically using blueprints for a particle effect but not able to control particle parameters from cascade using blueprints.
For example I have created a fire in cascade, I wanted to control its rate, velocity, lifespan etc., through blueprints dynamically, I have changed the Distribution Type to Particle Parameter and given a Parameter name “Fire Rate”. I manged to get the parameter name in blueprint details section but if I change the value nothing changes in the view port. I feel I haven’t connected or choose proper nodes in blueprints… Please help… I want to build a fx asset so that it will be easy to change control values just using blueprint instead of opening cascade or material instance.
Please Help…

did you follow this tutorial?

Ya, followed that tutorial but I was able to get instance parameters for emitter from cascade modules like rate, velocity etc. I can directly manipulate the properties of emitter in the level itself by adding them in details like same as in tutorial… but controlling emitter parameters via blueprint is what I am not getting… or is there any way I can add material instance parameters to emitter itself so that I no need to create a blueprint.

can you please post your blueprint approach?

for my wind system i use particle parameters.
first you have to collect your particles and store them. i do it like this at begin play:

then i set a particle parameter inside the emitter module via tick

the emitter itself looks like this…this should work