Not a good impression

Hi, my first experience with unreal: importing a blender exported fbx project (attached) makes it crash. Installing on another laptop, same crash. Ok, let’s fill a bug report => after filling in and triple checking all values still pressing submit button does nothing (and yes, captcha is right, because changing it to a wrong one gives an error).
Ok, let’s ask help on the forum: not able to attach the fbx or blender file. What to do now?

Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough start. We appreciate your effort to submit the bug report for us, that and the file should certainly help us isolate and work to resolve the issue.

Regarding the inability to submit the bug report, our Support team mentions that there are limit to the types of files which can be uploaded (only png, jpg, zip, rar, 7z, mp4) and unfortunately the site doesn’t do a good job of stating this. Hopefully if you compress the file in a zip, rar, or 7z you’ll experience no issue.