[NOT A BUG] Reconstruction Region turn issue

Not sure if this is a real bug but it would be nice if it can be fixed.
In 2D view (bottom, top, left, right, etc.) of the 3D window it only seems possible to turn the reconstruction region when the whole box is visible in the window…

Correction, it turns VERY slowly, meaning I have to drag across the whole screen so that it turns 1-2 degrees.
Doesn’t seem to happen all the time though…

I managed to narrow it down further.
It is much more pronounced in side views, not at all in perspective.
It depends on the zoom factor, whether all of the box is visible or not and which side of the box is on the screen.
I think the main issue is that the turning is correlating to a fixed length (in model space) for dragging the mouse, that means the closer I zoom in the less space I have available on the screen and therefore it turns only very little.
Does that make sense?