[NOT A BUG] Image rotation issue

Hi, I have an issue in RC with image rotation. During capture on my Sony a7 I sometimes had to turn over the camera upside down because it was easier to access difficult spots this way.

The images display fine in Windows Photo and in XnView (meaning they appear with the correct side up). But when RC aligns the images it flips them in the wrong orientation.

I believe this is because the images are in fact recorded as flipped by the camera but the exif tells the apps that they should display the image as flipped (which results in the correct orientation).

Is there a setting in RC to do the same thing? I mean to get the images’ proper orientation without having to manually change the rotation on all the affected ARW files?

(Note that the images in RC are correctly recognized as Sony ILCE-7M3)

hello, please excuse our late response due to Christmas holidays,

you do not need to rotate images for processing in RealityCapture, that is why there is no such setting