[NOT A BUG] 2D image order malfunctioning

When adding CPs I find myself hunting for common features by first orienting myself in a sequence of images, easily done in 2D view and using arrow keys to move back and forth. Though I have “Name” selected for image order, I get to a point and RC suddenly skips around with no way to access the full sequence.  Am I missing something in what drives how images display and are accessed in 2D? Thanks.

Hi Benjy!

I think the arrows only move through the selected images, and I think that a component counts as one as well, meaning only the images in this component are considered. To be able to cycle through all, you need to select one image in the input area…

Hi Götz,

I thought I had done that, clicked just one image in 1D, drug from that thumb to 2D, then populated the remaining 5 windows, then began that navigation through the sequence using the arrows when it bumped against this issue. I may have had a component active whose cams weren’t part of the sequence I was interested in (looking to related new images to add to the component), but if what you’re saying is correct, one image selected in 1D to make all images available, then I’m left to wonder. I’ll have to pay attention more closely, may have been up too late and seeing sideways ;^)