Norwegian Developers

Hey there, thought I’d create a post for the Norwegians aswell. Anyone from Norway who uses Unreal Engine 4?

Intend to Use Unreal E 4…

Hi, we intend to use Unreal Engine 4 in a project but lack ressources. Is it possible to have a chat with you one day?

Hi, I’ve just sent you an SMS.

Oslo based artist and UE4 developer :slight_smile:

Yeah! Just bought it :slight_smile:

One more .

Molde based programmer currently working on a VR project.

Developer from Oslo reporting in

UE4 newbie from Trøndelag, now based in Drammen. Would love to learn heaps and loads more about this engine.

Developer from Oslo/Jessheim :slight_smile:

Trønder .

Jærbu/Stavangerbu her

Asker based developer …

Heisann! Artist from Sandvika is ! Nice to see so many developers!

Anyone going to any of the upcoming game jams around Oslo/Hamar?

Helt ny i detta! Er ifra Molde :smiley:

Starter with UE4 from Molde :smiley:

I’m from. :slight_smile:

Hej guys,

I am going to be doing a brief Unreal tour of the Oslo/Hamar region around the 23rd on behalf of Epic Games. If anyone of you want to meet up, or if you know of some developers who might be interested let me know! -

Tuesday 23 at 18.00 there will be a meetup of Oslo devs and I will join in with them, at The Scotsman in central Oslo

You are welcome to join in!

Hei from Oslo! I’m looking for someone who can help with my project. More information on private.