Northumberlandia photogrammetry animation

Combined some of my hobbies to bring to life a tourist attraction close to home.

I Shot the footage with a Phantom4 drone and used photogrammetry along with reality capture to create the model. Took over 400 images from the drone to get the model data required to get a decent model. Its the Worlds largest human land form sculpture.

Put the model in to 3dmax done lots of works on model to reduce polycount faces and verts while keeping the shape , was a pain. Used Unreal engine and built a environment around it and captured footage inside of the engine. You could play the level and fly the bird around in the environment , but it needs optimisation to run above 30fps. Used a number of marketplace items and lots of trial and error. Also Iclone 7 used for some of the animations.

This is awesome! My home town is near here in Ashington, Ill be driving past this on Friday! Never seen the sculpture from above properly but its massive! Nice work, refreshing to see something so close to home posted on here

Thanks i am glad you it . Was thinking about doing some thing for the angel of the north , see if i can animate it :slight_smile:

Updated the post with a bit more of a breakdown and some stills also managed to get the video to stream . And CC welcome , i am always looking for ways to improve

I would certainly stay on the path if those two things were waiting for me!