Norman - Animated Character

I made norman initially back in November of last year, but I never got around to finishing him. I decided today to return and polish him up for Gumroad :slight_smile:
Marketplace is an option I’ll be looking into for Norman as soon as I finish up my current submission I’m working on with Chris Fauver.

Norman is a fully featured animated character and is compatible with the default Mannequin skeleton in UE4. The package includes everything seen in the demo video including the demo level.
The NormanCharacter includes an example of how you could call each of the animation state changes. These are aided by the interactive actors in the level through the INormanAnimations interface.
Norman also comes fully equipped with a dynamic material capable of switching facial emotes on the fly.
To test the demo, set your default pawn in project settings to NormanCharacter before playing the demo level.

More may be added to the package at a later date if anims and extra states are requested. :slight_smile:

Gumroad Link:

Demo video:

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He looks awesome! I really like the range of animations shown here. You have done a great job on the character, the animations and what a great way to showcase it all.

Good job all round! If I didn’t make my own characters, I would snap this little guy up in no time!

Best of luck with sales.



Oh I think that Norman is awesome!!

Do you have a list of all the animations?