Normals problem

i want to create an lowpoly mesh for ue4 in maya2010 with rounded (smooth) edges for ue4…
but everything i tried, was not acceptable for me:

  • i made an lowpoly mesh in maya 2010 and went to zbrush and subdivided it several times, so that it looks good for me.
  • after this i exported this highpoly as an obj.
  • than i loaded these two meshes (highpoly and lowpoly) into xnormal and baked my normal map.
  • after this i loaded up my lowpoly mesh into ue4…
    but the hard edges were not gone after all (you can see the “lowpoly-cage” smoothed out,
    but i dont want these hard edges for the ue4-look).

can please somebody give me an advice where my “thinking-error” sits?

thanks for an answer!

greetz from

Sounds like a problem with your normals/UV maps for me. Can you please give us some screenshots?

hi datarecovery09,

thanks for your reply!

i only can send you two pics (the lowpoly and the highpoly) without the normal
(got problems on my pc).
i just want the smoothness from the highpoly in the rounded areas,
but with my normal applied on the lowpoly, i got the harder edges from the lowpoly in the rounded areas (a little bit smoothed, but not “rounded” enough).


hi loopon,

not sure if it helps but i always had to flip the green channel when dealing with xnormal maps.

good luck.

hi killing world,

thanks for your advice!

i will try it :slight_smile:


i hope it works for you.
please drop a note here if it does for people with similar problems.

I actually meant a screenshot from your model with the normal map applied.^^

I have a certain guess of what might be the problem in your case. Maybe this link could help you.

Also make sure that your normal map is using normal map compression in UE4.