Normals flipped at export

Hi I have a problem with the normals of an object.

Inside RC everything looks good to me but after export there is a seam visible and the normals look flipped at a certain point.

Any idea why this happens?


Hi, what were your export settings? Is it possible to share your project?


my project is 250GB this might be difficult. I copied the two elements together they are originally on two different UV islands like you can see here.

Further testing showed that Blender can work with this normal map. I guess some programms do not interpret this normal map properly. We could localize our main problem after working with this normalmap in substance.

These are the export settings:

<entry key="ModelExportFormatVersion" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportCamerasAsModelPart" value="false"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexturingAllowed" value="-1"/>
<entry key="MvsExportScaleZ" value="1.0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexturing_Normal_0" value="-1"/>
<entry key="MvsExportIsModelCoordinates" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportIsGeoreferenced" value="0x1"/>
<entry key="MvsExportScaleY" value="1.0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexturing_Displ_0" value="false"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportNormals" value="true"/>
<entry key="MvsExportScaleX" value="1.0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportOneFileUsePow2TexSize" value="true"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexAlpha" value="false"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexImgFormat_Color8_0" value="jpeg"/>
<entry key="MvsExportcoordinatesystemtype" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexPixFormat_Color8_0" value="24bppBGR"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportNormalsAllowed" value="-1"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportNumberFormatAllowed" value="-1"/>
<entry key="MvsExportMoveZ" value="0.0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportMoveX" value="0.0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportNormalRange" value="ZeroToOne"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexOneFileMaxResolution" value="8192"/>
<entry key="MvsExportMoveY" value="0.0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexPixFormat_Normal_0" value="32bppBGRA"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportInfoFile" value="true"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportByParts" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportClassificationAllowed" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportNumberFormat" value="5"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexturing_Color8_0" value="-1"/>
<entry key="MvsExportRotationY" value="-90.0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportNormalFlipZ" value="false"/>
<entry key="MvsExportRotationX" value="-90.0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportNormalFlipY" value="false"/>
<entry key="MvsExportNormalSpace" value="Mikktspace"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexImgFormat_Normal_0" value="png"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportColors" value="true"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportCamerasAllowed" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportNormalFlipX" value="false"/>
<entry key="MvsExportRotationZ" value="0.0"/>
<entry key="MvsExportTransformationPreset" value="Blender"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportFileTypeSelectionDisplay" value="0"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexOneFile" value="true"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportTexturing" value="-1"/>
<entry key="MvsMeshExportEmbeddTxrsAllowed" value="0"/>

Hi, the problem is related with this setting: <entry key=“MvsMeshExportTexPixFormat_Normal_0” value=“32bppBGRA”/>

Please try to export normal map as JPG or BGR24 (8 bit). Normals in RealityCapture are exported as 16 bit, therefore it is needed to enable high precision normal mode (32 bit reading) in third party software. And PNG and alpha channels aren’t able to read in some programs.

Also, you can use TIFF format.