Normally Passive/Neutral-like creatures now hyper-aggressive?

I’ve been working on a Dino-Conversion mod for the past week or so and I’ve come to learn that some of the creatures I’ve re-created have suddenly become Hyper-Aggressive to nearly anything they get close to.

I’ve watched Hesperornis chase down Lystro’s on the beaches, Ichthyornis chase Pteranodons across the skies.

I can’t find anything in the Graphing that I’ve missed, I’ve already replaced all Cast-To’s with new versions, updated any self/target nodes I could find.
I haven’t altered anything to do with their AI’s or Team values, so I just can’t wrap my brain around what is causing them to suddenly become so incredibly mean towards everything.

Does anyone have any advice that could point me in the right direction to start looking?
I’m a little concerned the Hesper is looking at everything as a fish, but nothing I can find anywhere near that graph-work suggests that.

Typically this is handled in their AI and targeting team name. Did you change those?

I didn’t change anything but updating their Graph work after the copy-over.