Normal - UEFN - Source control option: Fortnite Creative (Feature Request)

Would be nice if we could set the project to always save on itself like how its done in Creative, so if we don’t want to do a complex team project and just want to mess around (potentially with some other friends as well), we could turn on Source Control: Fortnite Creative and that would always save (we don’t have to hit save, anything we add gets instantly saved) and we don’t have to commit or update since everything is always live (like how Creative has it). There can only be one version of the project and all clients have to always be online if they are working on something at the same time. If offline, it works like Steam Cloud saves where the moment of connection the software checks if a newer version exists and asks you to keep server’s or keep yours (this sounds scuffed in a game dev sense, but when you want to keep it simple it is helpful for some cases).