Normal - Skein not to stall editor while commiting (+suggestion)

During recent Office Hours, Skein source control was showcased. One major drawback of using it was that UEFN would stall while Skein was committing, which increases the already long waiting times that the editor has.

Weird take, but what if similar to how skein locks checked out actors while other users work on them, it checks them out for commit as well? That way, you can continue to work on the editor and other actors, while it commits the assets you 've chosen.

The reason I brought this up is that during level design because we have one file power actor, there are cases where there are dozens, even hundreds of props being committed, and having to wait extra time for source control to find all files changed in a 20k actor project will increase load times for large projects (seen with SVN currently, which is light-weight and now doesn’t track changes properly because of the number of actors in project and scene).