Normal Reconstruction Failed

Normal Reconstruction failed on a rather small area - below is the console. Running Version RC. Any ideas as to what caused this?

Hello Tim,

can you please post a screenshot of the error message? Did you change any reconstruction settings?

There is no error message; it just stalls processing completely (see the screen shot of the console).

It always freezes up at the “Grouping Depth Maps” stage. (see below)

From your first screenshot I can see that during the first attempt RC started calculating the model parts but the operation was aborted. If you are processing large amount of data, it could take som time to process it. Do you use reconstruction region?

When you say freezes up, how long was it stuck? Can you please give us more detail about your project (what kind of data are you processing, how many images/scans, etc.)?

Can oyu please make sure that you have the latest drivers installked and that you have enouch cache space? Do you use SSD fo cache?

This was 150 photos, a fairly small object (less than 1 cubic meter). I used the reconstruction region but still have the same issue.

The program does not make any progress and is stuck at 0% forever. I let it run overnight and there was no change. 

I have the latest drivers installed, using SSD to cache - this is a brand new 3D modeling computer.

As another note, any other actions takes just seconds to complete on this machine. The alignment and Preview reconstruction for this project are completed in less than a minute.


Hi Tim,

do you have this problem only with this dataset or with all reconstructions? What are your HW specifications? Can you please share the images with us and the reconstruction settings so that we can test it on our side?