Normal question

hi :slight_smile:

and here is another noob-question:

i´m working with maya, everything looks fine, so i created an static mesh (an house).

  • i made the uv´s properly and exported the house as an fbx into ue4
  • i dropped the house as an static mesh into my scene

but unfortunately i can see from an outside view through these house-walls.
(i can see these walls from inside, but not from outside).

i tried a lot with the normals in maya… but i failed everytime.
and here is my question:**
what can i do to correct this error?

thanks a lot for an answer!

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did you make your house with inner and outer walls and a gap in between?

pics would help

@: I think he just used planes for it -> you could use the “two sided” in your material or make it solid. I think you can also flip your normal in your 3d program -> just google for it :slight_smile:

hi again…

i´m sorry for my question… but i found my mistake:

i used maya an obj-mesh as an base for my house…
so after all i didn´t use the unlock-normal-option for my obj-file in maya.

after i corrected this mistake, i reversed my normals and everything works fine (i have some overlapping uvs, but i will correct them now).

i was so concentrated in ue-settings, that i didn´t see the “elemental” maya-setting.

thanks a lot!


well that’s what it sounded like but thought I’d check just in case:)