Normal maps problemzzz... Smooth surface

Howdy UE4’ers

I’m having some issues I can’t seem to get figured out. I’m working on trying to get some high res, smooth geo ( think car/hard surface renders ) and bake that down to some lower res geo with the normals maintaining the nice almost vector looking reflection lines.

Everything seems to be setup properly but I cannot get away from these odd artifacts. I’ll upload a few images here to show what I’m talking about.

I don’t know if its a baking problem, an export / import static mesh problem, a texture map properties in editor problem? I’ve tried searching for similar problems and haven’t found a definitive answer. I’ve set the gbuffer to high quality normals, the image is def 16bit that I’m bringing in. Anyone experience this before? Or even have some ideas on best practices for getting normals for ultra clean reflections?

Oh, also, Maya > Substance Designer AND Painter > UE4