NORMAL Maps on iOS Device looks like Pixelated/Unfiltred

Hi All,
In my project after deploy to iOS device - NORMAL Maps on iOS Device looks like Pixelated/Unfiltred in EDITOR /4.8.3 - PC/ looks nice and correctly.
I tried different combinations, texture filtering, texture groups, PVR 4 … No change at Device. I do not know where I’m making a mistake :frowning:
Does anyone have a similar problem / solution ?

Its not a matter of the normal map.
You will need to use Customized UVs for your texture coordinates, in order for the calculation to happen in the vertex shader, which has greater precision.

Here is where to start:

Hi romfeo,
Thank you for the advice.
Unfortunately, no change with the use of Customized UV.
Pixelated/Unfiltred effect is very durable, I can not seem to affect it by something.

I have some new discoveries.
The problem Pixelated/Unfiltred terxture and normal map is when the object “Mobility” is set to “Movable”.
When object “Mobility” is set to “Static”, texture and normal maps looks nice on device.
Maybe it’s a bug, but I can not make “movable” object with nice texture and normals.
The problem is that I need a “Movable” object :frowning:
Any ideas? Thanks.

Can you post your material setup? I would also suggest to post this to, because it is the most suitable placate ask for support.

Hi romfeo,
I’m still trying everything possible variants, but unsuccessfully. Not possible to create an “Movable” actor without weird Normal map.
Material, scene, light are defaut. It is easy to reproduce, only one mat with normal map on two actors, Static and Movable, and deploy to device. Static is OK, Movable is Pixelated,Boxed…
Custom UV or default UV does not change the effect. Reflection mat on specular or without them, take nothing changes. Nothing take changes :frowning: