Normal maps compression BC5 vs DXT5 - which one to use ?

I am working on a mobile app for Galaxy S6+ and alike (VR and non-VR). Also planning on making something for a bit less performant GLES2/3 mobile devices after that.

I was working with default settings in UE4, which make normal maps to be compresses as BC5. I began to wonder if that’s what I should use for mobile devices (obviously BC5 would work fine on any modern desktop). I switched in Project settings to DXT5 for normal maps, but then it turned out all my (and 3rd party) textures/materials got jacked up and I’d have to manually switch texture type and sampler in order for DXT5 normal maps render properly. It’s a royal pita!!!

So, can I use BC5 normal maps on mobile devices and consoles? (using UE4’s GLES2 renderer)