Normal Map texture problem in 3Ds Max!

hello guys.
for the last three weeks im suffering with 3ds max baking my normal maps with problems. the funny thing is that i even tried xnormal but im still getting the same results. so basically i get flat normal to the center of my object’s map and around the edges i get weird shadows like its distorted or something. I tried mesh skewing it didn’t work. I also downloaded some project files from digital tutors and didn’t change anything and I baked it I got the same issues although I rechecked the video and the guy didn’t have this flat texture problem. So im guessing theres something wrong with my max and not my model. so heres a quick model i made to represent my problem:

My sample model:

my texture:

my texture applied to a low poly mesh:

So im really getting worried cuz i can’t even bake a normal map without this problem anymore. plz help me.

This is normal and expected behavior. Here’s a big thread about normal map skewing, why it happens, and how to avoid it.

The easiest fix would be just to add edge loops near the corners of the cube, and using a cage that is barely larger than your high poly.

Also this thread should probably be in content creation.

Download highpoly, lowpoly, cage, and textures: