Normal Map rotation with World UV

Hello there,

I have a problem and I could’t find solution.

When i rotate an object with world uv coords, the normal map is rendering not properly.

You can see on the image below, these are two half spheres and plane with same texture, the left is rotated :

Im having the same issue; found anything on it? Would it have to do with the mesh normal tangent?

I also tried using the node WorldAlignedNormal but it does the same problem

I haven’t found a solution, sorry man.

Yes apparently, we have to specify the normal texture is in world space, else it will take calculate through his local mesh tangent. To specify it, we just have to add a Transform node World to Tangent after the texture sample.


Thought seems it will flatten the mesh in Z axis with the lighting as it overrides the tangents; so the fix works only with flat plane.

Second solution would be to use the node ‘WorldAlignedNormal’ with the high quality normal checked on, which add many instructions but would work as it should with a mesh with volume.

Many thanks man! Works like a charm :slight_smile: