Normal map problems

I’ve been using materials with normal map.
I used the materials as walls and put a light in a room… i’ve noticed that light works only in one direction (no pun intended)!
(the point light in screenshot is completely default i didn’t change any variables.)

Also there is another problem with normal map. Why does it convert my original norm map into a weird yellow red one?
Why cant it load a original blue red one?

I haven’t tested normal maps yet, but with UDK you had to make sure that you imported it with normal map compression, otherwise it does not get rendered correctly.

Make sure the normal map is 8bit and its compression is set to Normal Map after importing.

Also, in your shader, ensure that the normal map’s texture sampler as also set to Normal.

You sir. Are my saviour…I was getting physically exhausted trying to find the problem.

I can’t thank you enough! Zakk Parrish / docs should have mentioned it clearer :>