Normal map is too weak

I imported a cube and a normal map in UE4 and looks like this:


This is the same mesh with the same normal map rendered in another engine:

What am I missing? I tried to stick with the settings mentioned in the docs. Can someone bake a cube and post the results and the workflow?

Show us a screenshot of the normal and your mat setup please.

xNormal setup:

x+ y- z+

You want to smooth the edges? Try changing your axis in xNormal to -x -y -z

Never heard of x- y- z- but anyway this is not the result I’m looking for.

Open your normal map in the content browser and change the textures compression settings to TC Normal Map, and invert your green channel if needed.


I have a couple of questions. First, do you get an error about overlapping uv´s?

Secondly: Is that box brush or did you export the cube with uvmapping out of a modeling program?

I don´t know, which result you wanted to have, but I have here two cubes. The right one is a box brush with the normal map dragged on to it and the other left one is a cube out of my modeling software with uvmaps applied to it.

Thanks all for the quick replies, as insideitall said changing the compression settings to TC normalmap fixed the issue. Do we need to make this change every time for normal maps?

I think if you add an “_N” to the texture name, it will be recognized as a normal map on import and set the correct compression.

You are correct. Otherwise you can just go to your texture in the content browser double click it and set it’s compression to Normal map.