Normal map creation guide doubt

Hi guys,I have a question about the “Normal map creation guide” located here

it says: “When exporting your low-poly model for XNormal using these settings:

The important points are smoothing groups, and tangents & binormals.”

Thing is,why it mention “tangents & binormals” as important point if then in the image it shows it deactivated?! Since the other deactivaded options are not mentioned,it imply that maybe was important to have “tangents & binormals” active,and the image is wrong.

So can someone please clarify on that? Should “tangents & binormals” be checked or unchecked? :\

it might mean it’s important to see it unchecked?

yes it could,but we don’t know for sure so that’s a problem xD

Can someone confirm this? :slight_smile: