normal map and lighting issues

Hi, my normal map does not seem to display correctly with static lights but with stationary and movable ones it works fine. How back would it be if I had movable lights everywhere on my map so that all my normal maps can come through ?

is there a way to fix it so that I can use static lights and get my normals to show up ?

Here is a picture of how is looks under a static light:


And here is a picture of it with a movable light (this is how I want it to look) :


And here is my material for the mesh incase anyone asks to see it.



P.S. looks like you can’t upload any pictures more than 1,000KB

-have you rebuilt the light?
-set your quality settings to “epic”
-what happens when you flip the green channel of the normal map → double click onto it in your content browser - flip green… :slight_smile:

Yes I have done lighting rebuild.
the green channel does not fix it.

where do I got to change quality to epic ?

On your map window, click the Settings button to get the drop down menu, then look for “Engine Scalability Settings” and “Material Quality Level” under that.

nevermind I found it.

thank you.

okay I’ve tried all of them (the quality was already epic and high) still no difference. Would my game run really slow having about 10-12 movable lights in it?

also my precomputed visibility does not appear to work. I don’t see the cells and when I play the game in editor with the orthographic ports open, I don’t see anything being culled.

You wont get a big difference in performance :slight_smile: But have you already tried to use a normal map or a material from epic games so that we know if it’s probably because of your level

Also which engine version do you use + have you set the mode from the texture to “normal”?

I have 4.3.1.

I tried a material that epic had with the engine same thing.

Here is static light:


Here is moveable light:


I don’t know where to change my normal map from texture to normal mode.


Here you can do it:


For the material from epic games that you tested -> add a reflection capture actor into your level :wink:

ok looks like all I needed was a reflection capture actor box. For my normal my mode was already set to normal.