normal function like local variables to macros.

They have this old style local variables like function has back in 4-4.11 . It can help to organize wires so much! and you already did it in functions so why not in macros ? if you do that i don’t think i’m gonna use functions anymore, they only 1 exe in and 1 then out and they have no delays.

We plan to move the macro local variables over to the new system from a UI standpoint, but we just haven’t gotten to it yet. We’ll be fixing that up in a future release!

Thanks ! This is good to know ! :slight_smile:

Are you guys still planning on this? I am working on a chat system (kind of like the Twitch chat), and am working on a macro that will output which chat command the user is using, I am only around 1/10 of the way done, here is a screenshot of the mess: