Normal Distribution

Hey folks, I’m looking to get me some bell curves for a stats system. Is there already some sauce in UE to do that sort of thing?



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Maybe this: Distributions | Unreal Engine Documentation

I was looking at that as well, I’m not sure if it’ll work. I need to dig through it a little more.

As an aside, this Probability and Games: Damage Rolls seems like a pretty awesome discussion on the topic. Pretty graphs and examples as well.



I know this is an old question but I was also looking for an answer. I found that you can use the c++11 normal_distribution function. The following function will return a number with a mean of 5.0 and a deviation of 0.5. You need to #include <random>.

float AActor::NormalDistribution()
std::random_device rd{};
std::mt19937 gen{ rd() };
std::normal_distribution<float> d{ 5.0f, 0.5f };

return d(gen);