Nordic Environment from scratch

Hi! I’m currently spending some of my spare time on developing a nordic scene. I haven’t quite settled on what sort of time period I want buildings and the like to be in yet, so I’ve mostly build environmental assets.

I’ve made everything from the bottom up (with the exception of generating the branch layout and trunk of the trees in SpeedTree), I’ve been making a water shader, tress, stumps, weeds, rocks, etc.

I’m also focusing a lot on creating dynamic materials that I can tweak and change on the run that just applies things to the object for me, instead of hand-painting everything (of course I do that too).
I can adjust some values in my material instance to grow moss on trees.
Automatically generating landscape material.
When I rotate my rocks, the moss on them will rotate with them so it always stays on top.
When I scale some of my assets, the material tiles accordingly.
My landscape grass material and foliage have a noise map that match eachother, so as I paint the grass around, it will get some color variation, but still perfectly match the color of the ground.

I’ve been making assets years, but never realized how important normals are until I had to manually adjust them for the splintered wood stumps and the grass.

Also got some pivot painter foliage going.

Made some outdoor furniture:
2020-05-16 22_12_35-Tribesmen - Unreal Editor.jpg
2020-05-03 12_16_43-Tribesmen - Unreal Editor.jpg
2020-05-13 22_02_00-Tribesmen - Unreal Editor.jpg
Better video of the foliage:

Drastically improved how cliffs are applied to my landscape:

2020-08-02 00_16_13-Tribesmen - Unreal Editor.jpgSome more in-progress work!