NOR (Boolean) Nodes Need an Add Pin+ Option

I was programming in blueprints today and noticed there’s an add pin option for AND, NAND, and OR nodes, but not on NOR. It’s pretty inconvenient to have to make multiple NOR (boolean) nodes when making sure many booleans are not true. Please consider adding this feature in the future, thank you!


I don’t think it makes sense that the NOR or the XOR operators would allow for multiple pins. It would give unexpected results based on the amount of pins.

I don’t think that’s true, but I could be wrong. How exactly would it have unexpected results?

Just make one OR with multiple pins, then connect a NOT after that.

Yep it must be a bug the NAND has multi pins but not the NOR makes no sense. I’m pretty sure this is not the only node in engine that is missing this feature.